Even as a child, Keeya dreamed of being a writer. She never imagined that the events that would unfold in years to come would be written on the pages of a book. Her harrowing story of survival and escape from the clutches of sex trafficking left her feeling that she would never dare break her silence – until now!

Black Girls are disproportionately ‘at risk’ of being trafficked in the United States and their stories often go untold for reasons far more complicated than mere reporting, or statistical oversight. Keeya was lured with the opportunity to escape the abusive and tumultuous home life and faced with the prospect of meeting some of the biggest and most influential names in the music industry. She was exploited for years at the hands of many traffickers. With this book, she broke her silence and gives the reader a seat to the table of her story. 

“Keeya Vawar courageously takes the reader on a life-changing journey from hope, confusion, and despair to ultimate victory while sharing her many challenging pitfalls that shape how and who she has become. This true story will shake you to your core and give you a reason to look at your own life and family through a prism you may not want to accept, but one through which you’ll be glad you did.”

James Washington
Co-Publisher The Dallas Weekly
President The Atlanta Voice

Audio Version Coming Soon!